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Our company

Founded in 1989. Acquired by L Catterton in 2010. A leader in global sourcing of conventional and organic frozen fruits and vegetables. A reputation for providing superior, world class service to customers across 
Canada, the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Committed to delivering the safest and highest quality products, without compromise.

Our Purpose

Alasko Foods will source, process, pack, label, brand and distribute the best fresh-frozen fruits and vegetables the world has to offer. This will be achieved by always offering the right solution at the right price for your industrial, food service or retail business needs. This is our mission because we believe true partnership is about thriving alongside our customers.
Everything we do at Alasko Foods is geared towards our mutual success.
Let’s Grow Together!

Our Pledge

Your partners
Your allies in safe sourcing, processing, packing and distributing
Tested and certified
The best fresh-frozen products at the best price
From our own premium brands
To your private labels, store brands and bulk offerings
Cultivating your business needs
And breathing life into your commercial strategies.
It’s our business to know your business
Because we know a great price should come without compromise
That quality is a benchmark, not a buzzword
That growth comes from looking at the big picture and every last detail.
So we’re there for you in the fields
In the plants, in the warehouses
At every step
All over the world
We’re there to deliver
To go beyond.
This is our mission
And this is your business
Let’s Grow Together!

The best facilities

The Alasko global supply network reaches over 60 agri-food producers, in 20 countries.  All facilities are federally inspected and satisfy all of the H.A.C.C.P. program requirements.  We import, prepare and distribute over 80 million pounds of frozen foods.
Our distribution network currently utilizes 7 warehouses across North America and offers optimal efficiency and control of the cold chain: frozen food requires constant follow-up.  Our internal quality assurance program provides for constant monitoring of all products to ensure the highest safety and quality standards are respected throughout the cold chain. 
Our Montreal facility is certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (C.F.I.A) and has recently received a GFTC gold rating.  We also have received organic certification by Ecocert Canada.

The best supply guarantee

Our supply team is comprised of dynamic individuals, located around the world, whose speciality is importing quality frozen fruits and vegetables from around the world. Our team works in close collaboration with our agricultural producers to ensure that:

  •     Only the best varieties for freezing are planted;
  •     Only the best harvests are selected;
  •     Only the IQF freezing technology is used to ensure consistent product quality.

Our team regularly follows up and analyzes international harvest cycles in order to reduce the risk of a bad harvest due to poor weather or crop failure. No matter what the season, weather conditions, or geographic region, our global supply network is able to offer the widest choice of fruits and vegetables at all times.

The best suppliers

Our team visits our agricultural suppliers across the world to ensure that they respect Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and thereby guarantee that our products respect the norms established by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Our QC department ensures that all applicable parameters are respected throughout the entire production process, from the field to the freezer.
We recognize the standards established by third-party organizations such as the BRC (British Retail Consortium), the IFS (International Food Standards) and the AIB (American Institute of Bakery).

The best reputation

Alasko markets its quality products under its own label and private label brands. Together, with the Moov brand, we can generate business/sales opportunities because of our global reach. Whether you are a food manufacturer, food wholesaler, distributor or retailer, Alasko has been recognized as an industry leader and a true partner for growth.